Introducing Bermuda Beer

A big part of my life over the past five years has been learning all I can about creating awesome beer! During this time my family also embarked on an amazing journey to the islands of Bermuda where we’ve lived for the past two and a half years.

Recently I’ve started down the fun project of trying to embrace Bermuda in my crafting of beer and helping grow the Bermuda craft beer scene.

So I’ve started a new site devoted to that topic: Bermuda Beer

This site will cover everything about beer in Bermuda including great pubs to have a beer, where to find great beer, and some of my Bermuda inspired beer recipes! In fact I’ve already published our first Bermuda inspired beer, a Honey Porter that is made with local Bermuda honey.

New Years Beer Resolutions


Being a home brewer is a great hobby but there is always a temptation and desire to step it up a notch and do something bigger, better, faster or more! To that end there are several things I want to try this new year with this hobby. I’m not that interested in brewing bigger volumes, five gallons at a time are great for us but I’m interested trying new things to increase my skill and knowledge at this fine craft!

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Pouring a Pint at Home in Style

What red blooded American hasn’t wanted to be able to tap a keg at home and pour yourself beer? Well if you home brew after a while you do get sick and tired of cleaning, sanitizing, filling, and capping bottles. The solution is to build yourself a kegerator to condition and serve beer draft style.

After performing research on all the best home brew web sites I was really inspired by the keezers I saw a decided to go that route. A keezer is a chest freezer that has been modified for use with beer.

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Yes Dear, It’s Time to Make Beer

There is a point in every mans life when he realizes he is not going to own his own bar. When this happens we reach for a more noble and profitable goals, like the dream of owning our own brewery! Now before we start on our grand business venture it might be good to learn about beer and more importantly how to make beer. Luckily for me there is a great brew shop right by the house and there I met some amazing people and made an amazing first beer.

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