Two Months with Linux

I am a Business Analyst for a very large company and approximately two months ago I took a personal challenge to switch my work laptop to Linux. I was given the standard build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) we run at the office that included the latest versions of Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and Lotus Symphony 3.0. The question I was seeking answers to was:

Has the Linux ecosystem come far enough to allow a user with generic office needs to do their job effectively?

The hardware used for this experiment is my corporate issued laptop, a Lenevo Thinkpad T410, not too shabby. REHL is certified for this hardware which has the base specification of a Corei5 processor, 4GB ram, 320GB hard disk, and all the standard fare. The IT supplied software build had all the hardware working with the right drivers, the VPN was ready to go, and the office printers were available.

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Built in Basement Home Theater

We wanted to have a built in entertainment center for our basement home theater, it was currently sitting on some wire shelfs and none to stable for some rough and tumble NCAA Football action. So we came up with a plan using parts from IKEA!  We ended up purchasing 3 BESTÅ shelf units, 4 BESTÅ VARA drawer fronts, 6 Lack wall shelves from IKEA for this project plus a bunch of lumber and paint.

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